Spoiler Alert: Weariness Is Not Avoidable

In Matthew chapter 4, Satan knows that God is please with Jesus (see final verse of Matthew chapter 3 following Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan), & he tries multiple times to trip Jesus up (Matthew 4:3, 5–6, & 8–9). This passage of scripture doesn’t say that Jesus annoyed, angered, or perhaps wanting to “show” Satan up, but it does say that Jesus’ “comebacks” were commandment based (Matthew 4:4, 4:7, & 4:10). Once Jesus rebuked Satan repeatedly with the Word of God, then angelic relief from Heaven came to Jesus on earth. After He was ministered to by the angels, Jesus rises up to rally some disciples. The first 4 disciples, upon the command of Jesus (note I said command, not invitation of Jesus), immediately dropped their earthly profession/calling (fishermen) to follow Him in radical obedience. In the final verses of Matthew 4 (23–25), Jesus becomes adored for healing, loving, & teaching messages of hope. NOTE! — He wasn’t adored for erupting at an enemy (Satan) who was trying to taint His character earlier in the story. He wasn’t popular for putting Satan “back in his place.” The enemy is SO IRRELEVANT at this point in the story because Jesus is too busy being pure & authentic to others.

It is okay for me (& you) to feel feelings other than happiness. Jesus probs wasn’t filled with joy at Satan’s taunting. It is also okay for me (& you) to need help from others. Jesus was ministered to by angels after Satan’s repeated temptations. He needed rest & restoration. Weariness is clearly not avoidable. BUT, there are some responses to weariness that are avoidable.

  • Instead of lashing out, I can choose to defend myself with the Word. Jesus defended Himself with the Word because He knew it well enough in His heart to apply it in times of need.
  • Instead of retreating into a quiet, lonely space of self-woe & pity, I can choose to drink from the well of biblical community in times of trial. The Son of God accepted an angel army’s defense, so why should I think that I can save/restore myself?
  • Instead of focusing on how to look powerful to the world, I can choose to focus on how to love the powerless. Jesus could’ve very easily shown His dominion over Satan, but He instead put 110% of His energy into rallying a great multitude for the Kingdom of Abba Father.

“Lord of All,

Although not surprising (because Your Name is Power), it is quite amazing to experience revelations from You simply by opening Your Word. This world tries to sell self-care as if it’s something I can pick up at Target or Lush Cosmetics & then my soul will all of a sudden be fed. I’m so sorry for buying that lie, God! It’s almost comical (& embarrassing) to think that I thought I could escape uncomfortable feelings with a little shopping, the right amount of exercise, & a “successful” career. Consume all of that with Your Holy fire, Father. Burn that entire notion in the fireplace of Your throne-room so that I can see Your glory ever-so-clearly. You never meant for me to be made “happy,” You just want me (us) to be made whole. & in the spirit of that wholeness, please help me to be wise in Your Word when situations/people are used by the enemy to tempt me. Humble me, Lord. Strip away my pride so that I can lean on my siblings in Christ when I am weary. Search my heart & reveal to me the ways in which I need to change so that I authentically love others more than myself. May my life be an example of being too busy being obedient rather than busy being “right” & “getting even.” Oh, how I love & need You! Amen.”



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Caitlyn Grigg

Caitlyn Grigg

Redeemed Sinner. Wife. Daughter. Dog Mama. School Counselor. Sweat Junkie. Talker. Writer of vulnerable things in hopes to normalize our imperfections.